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     Deciding to keep your bamboo, contain it, or remove it completely from your Nassau County or Suffolk County property is no easy decision. But, it is a decision you want to make on your own, when you're ready, not when you are forced to take costly action by an unhappy neighbor or even the town. Although beautiful and even tranquil to look at, this invasive species is facing legislation in many towns. More and more Long Island towns are passing legislation requiring business or home owners to contain it or remove it completely from their property. Many homeowners whose property has been invaded with bamboo from their neighbors yard are not satisfied with that and are asking towns to make you responsible for removing it from their property, and some do hold you responsible.


      Depending on the species, bamboo can spread 5, 10 or even 20 feet in one season. That can have it  bordering or spread into your neighbors yard in no time. In the spring you can almost watch it grow, seemingly growing several feet taller in one day. Every year it multiplies greater than the year before. Before you know it, .....its out of control.  Removing bamboo and all it's roots is very labor intensive. There are no shortcuts, you have to do it right. If not, it will return. Bamboo fights to survive like no other plant I've ever seen. 

      There is relief, we make removing your bamboo as easy as a Text or phone call. With years of growing and removal experience, and understanding how bamboo propagates, we can offer you several options. From barriers containing it on your property to complete removal and a brand new landscape. Please contact us to discuss your concerns and needs. We never use chemicals. Estimates are free, the cost of removal rises with every new cane that pops up. So please, contact us now.

      We are the Long Island Bamboo Removal Experts! I 100% guarantee that we can get rid of your existing bamboo problem. We are based in Commack, NY. Call or Text me, my name is Ed at 631-338-7133   Text me your Name, Address, Best contact number, and a brief description of your concern and I will get back to you. You can also  Email us at to schedule your free bamboo removal estimate today. We are Licensed and Insured.


Note:​ If you are buying or selling a home, contact me First and get a FREE ESTIMATE.

Don't wait until after you close to find out what it costs, it's too late then. 


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